Airbus A340 Runway Overrun and Fire

During the flare, the aircraft travelled through an area of heavy rain, and visual contact with the runway environment was significantly reduced. There were numerous lightning strikes occurring, particularly at the far end of the runway. The aircraft touched down about 3800 feet down the runway, reverse thrust was selected about 12.8 seconds after landing,…… Continue Reading →

Airbus A310 Runway Overrun and Fire

On 25 March 2008 an Airbus A310 being operated by Sudan Airways on a passenger flight from Port Sudan to Khartoum overran the runway after a late night touchdown at destination in normal visibility off a non precision approach to runway 36. A fire became evident once the aircraft had stopped and this subsequently burned…… Continue Reading →

Airbus A319 Multiple Electrical Failure

While in the cruise, with the autopilot and autothrust systems engaged, a failure of the electrical system occurred which caused numerous aircraft systems to become degraded or inoperative. Some of the more significant effects were that the A319 could only be flown manually, all the aircraft’s radios became inoperative and the Captain’s electronic flight instrument…… Continue Reading →