Airbus A330 Smoke Warning

Early in the flight the A330 crew received a series of smoke warnings from the aft cargo hold and the Captain elected to return to London Gatwick (UK). The crew carried out the appropriate emergency drills, including the discharge of the fire extinguishers in the aft cargo hold, but the smoke warnings continued. The aircraft…… Continue Reading →

Airbus A319 Toxic Fumes

On 19 December 2010 the Airbus A319 coming from Vienna, Austria, was on approach to Köln/Bonn Airport, Germany. Turning on to the base leg the two pilots noticed an abnormal smell. A short time later during intercept of the extended centre line, both pilots noticed an adverse effect on their physical and cognitive performance. They…… Continue Reading →

Airbus A320 Runway Overrun

On touchdwon, after a normal ILS approach, the normal braking and alternate braking system failed. The captain elected to turn the aircraft through some 90° to the right where the aircraft ran into a low earth embankment. The nose gear collapsed while the engines made contact with the embankment, bringing the aircraft to a stop…. Continue Reading →