At, we talk about learning as a mental process that leads to lasting change in knowledge, behavior, or both. A key word to notice in that sentence is ‘process.’ It’s not an outcome – it’s a series of actions. You need to learn something new every day to keep growing. A new multiple-choice questionnaire…… Continue Reading →

Who we are

We are a small international team of pilot managers and instructors with a wealth of experience on every continent and in all sizes of organization. From private to commercial aviation, from a turboprop to a business jet, from a Boeing 737 to an Airbus A350, A380 or B747, we form a team driven by a…… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence-powered quizzes

We have decided to stay very far from generating our quizzes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) but it is present in for some other special purposes. Although invisible to you, your response time to a quiz question is timed. Beyond a certain time where your answer is not selected, the artificial intelligence engine used by…… Continue Reading →