Tire Burst

Tire bursting incidents occur regularly.The Concorde accident raised the greatest concern. This Airbus document reviews the different tire technologies lead to different bursting behaviors.Airbus recommendations are numerous and helpful for safe day to day operations…. Continue Reading →

Use Of Radio Altimeter

This briefing provides a review and discussion of the following aspects, highlighting the lessons learned from incidents / accidents (particularly during approach-and-landing): Barometric-altimeter reference (QNH or QFE), use of different units for altitude measurement and reading, Radio-altimeter callouts, and Low-OAT operation…. Continue Reading →

Windshield Protection

Windshield rain protection provides the flight crew with a clear vision through the aircraft windshield when rain is encountered. The «  Rainboe «  rain repellent fluid, originally used on Airbus aircraft in addition to the basic windshield wiper system, has been phased out as part of the worldwide effort to protect the Ozone layer. While…… Continue Reading →