Michelin Care and Service Manual

This manual is designed as a guide to the procedures to be used for all aspects of aircraft tire care and operation. It provides detailed information about how to operate aircraft tires to achieve optimum service. It also covers installation, removal and servicing techniques. It should be used in conjunction with the operating procedures given…… Continue Reading →

TCAS Recommendations

The onboard Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) was developed to prevent mid-air collision, particularly in case Air Traffic Controller guidance is incorrect. This Airbus document is an excelent TCAS summary for Airbus pilots (and also for the others…)… Continue Reading →

Taxiing aircraft with engines stopped

The idea to taxi aircraft without the main engine thrust is not recent. When Aerospatiale’s (one of Airbus’ founder partners) design office provided its conclusions on a study for “motorized wheels for autonomous taxiing for a 76 tonnes subsonic aircraft” back in 1977, the technology and oil prices were not at today’s high level, making…… Continue Reading →