Boeing B737 Crash after takeoff

On 29 October 2018,a Boeing B737-8 MAX was being operated as a scheduled passenger flight from Jakarta  when the aircraft disappeared from radar after having informed ATC that they had flight control, altitude and airspeed issues. Shortly after, the aircraft impacted the water killing  all persons on board;… Continue Reading →

Boeing B737 Loss of Control and CFIT

The Boeing B737 MAX 8 crashed minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, Ethioia, killing all 157 people on board. Coming five months after another fatal crash involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger jet in Indonesia, Ethiopia’s disaster has sparked a crisis in the international aviation industry…. Continue Reading →

Boeing B777 Shallow Initial Climb After Takeoff

Very serious incident that happened on December 19, 2021 and during which a Boeing B777-300ER failed to climb properly on takeoff from Dubai International Airport (DXB). Immediately after take-off, the aircraft entered a shallow climb, and was at just 175 feet above the ground when passing a residential area beyond the end of the runway…. Continue Reading →

Boeing B777 Loss of Control on Approach

During the ILS approach to runway 26L, without external visual references, in manual flight, the PF expressed his surprise about the airplane’s bank angle and flew a missed approach. At this time, the airplane was within 0.2 dots left of the localizer with a bank angle of 6°. The two pilots then simultaneously made inputs…… Continue Reading →

Boeing B757 Ice Crystal

A Boeing 757-200 on a passenger flight from Freetown (Sierra Leone) to London Heathrow (UK) was in the cruise at night in IMC at FL370 when vibration levels on both engines increased. When the prescribed ice shedding drill was followed, one engine malfunctioned and vibration on the other remained abnormally high and so a MAYDAY…… Continue Reading →