Understanding The Angle Of Attack (Part1)

Since the early days of flight, angle of attack (AOA) has been a key aeronauticalengineering parameter and is fundamental to understanding many aspects of airplane performance, stability, and control. Virtually any book on these subjects, as well as basic texts and instructional material written for flight crews, defines AOA and discusses its many attributes…… Continue Reading →

Understanding The Angle Of Attack (Part2)

This Boeing article deals again with Angle of attack (AOA) which is an aerodynamic parameter that is key to understanding the limits of airplane performance. Recent accidents and incidents have resulted in new flight crew training programs, which in turn have raised interest in AOA in commercial aviation. Awareness of AOA is vitally important as…… Continue Reading →

Getting to Grips to Aircraft Noise

Among the various environmental concerns, the aircraft noise item has been constantly growing in importance over the past years. Indeed, unlike a Mozart’s symphony, airplane noise is one of those sounds which are undesirable to most of the observers. Its various effects on man, especially on the people living in the vicinity of civilian and…… Continue Reading →

Maximum Altitude Operations

The maximum altitude at which an airplane can be flown is limited by three factors: 1) the maximum certified altitude 2) the buffet-limited maximum altitude 3) the thrust-limited maximum altitude. The most limiting of these three altitudes defines the maximum operating altitude…… Continue Reading →