Getting To Grips With Perfomance Monitoring

The purpose of this brochure is to provide airline flight operations with some recommendations on the way to regularly monitor their aircraft performance. This brochure was designed to provide guidelines for aircraft performance monitoring based on the feedback obtained from many operators and on the knowledge of Airbus aircraft and systems…. Continue Reading →

Getting To Grips With The Cost Index

Today's tough competitive environment forces airlines to consider operational costs in every facet of their business. All ways and means to achieve this goal have to be rationally envisaged, safety being of course the prime factor in any airline operation. A wide spectrum of considerations intervene in this process stemming from airline economics, marketing management,…… Continue Reading →

Managing Uneven Brake Temperatures

Operators typically purchase twin-aisle airplanes for long-distance flights. However, when market conditions dictate, operators may use some of these airplanes on shorter flights. In such instances, appropriate action by the flight crew can reduce the likelihood of brake overheating and concomitant departure delays…. Continue Reading →

Performance Margins

When an aircraft is dispatched in accordance with certification and operational regulations, there are some inherent margins included in the calculated takeoff and landing performance. Although it is not permitted to take advantage of these margins in order to increase the aircraft performance limit weight, it is of interest to be aware of the magnitude…… Continue Reading →