Time flies… has been around since 1999! With an average of 10,000 connections per day, we’ve always been aware that every visit to has at least one key factor that goes beyond simple curiosity: knowledge.

Answering at least one question, perfecting one’s knowledge, clearing up a doubt, progressing, preparing for an exam, becoming a safer pilot: better knowledge makes it all possible, and everyone knows that knowledge is useless unless you share it.

25 years later, has kept its roots, but now intends to go even further in sharing knowledge.

At a time when the profession of pilot is rapidly evolving and changing, some people believe that the machine will always progress at the expense of the human being. Yet, even with the projected generalization of an ever more automated cockpit, sharp human knowledge and skill, combined with sound discipline and risk assessment, must continue to enable the optimization of a safe and reasonable decision in the best interest of flight safety. is a knowledge “facilitator” tool among many others, but our motivation remains intact: to offer you the best aeronautical knowledge shared among pilots worldwide.

Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll discover more tools and documents to share, and of course more quizzes that will make the most important knowledge and e-learning platform for pilots. 

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