We have decided to stay very far from generating our quizzes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) but it is present in for some other special purposes.

Although invisible to you, your response time to a quiz question is timed. Beyond a certain time where your answer is not selected, the artificial intelligence engine used by detects a possible knowledge deficiency on a particular subject. In this case, a similar but differently posed question will be generated from our database. It’s important to bear in mind that it’s not the AI engine that will generate the quiz and its possible answers, already validated by a qualified instructor on the aircraft type. The AI will only select a new question best suited to the circumstances.

The AI engine we use is so incredible that it can use multiple levels of impairment detection on similar questions and then generate the most suitable question to reinforce your knowledge!

This unique feature is made possible by the collection of cookies from a single source: PC, tablet or mobile phone.