Dassault Falcon 20 CFIT

Investigators believe that the flight crew observed airport lights during a nighttime nonprecision instrument approach and, to save time, proceeded visually toward the airport. The crew encountered the black-hole effect1 and were not aware of the airplane’s height above terrain…. Continue Reading →

Dassault Falcon 900 Loss of Control In Flight

During climb, the flight crew noticed, on the warning panel, the ‘PITCH FEEL’ light, was illuminated. The captain disengaged the autopilot, checked the forces on the control column and re-engaged the autopilot. The “PITCH FEEL” warning light, remained continuously ON, during cruise and descent until the slats were extended. The Falcon reached a cruising altitude…… Continue Reading →

Dassault Falcon 900 Runway Overrun

The flightcrew’s inadequate coordination and improper weather evaluation. Also causal was the captain’s improper decision to continue the approach to a runway with insufficient length and his failure to obtain the proper touch down point on the runway. A factor in the accident was the tailwind conditions and the ice and snow covered runway…. Continue Reading →