ATR 72 Bounced Landing

The captain took control from the first officer after the airplane 'skipped' on touchdown but did not take appropriate recovery action or conduct a go-around, the report said. Injuries and substantial damage resulted when the airplane bounced twice and veered off the runway…. Continue Reading →

ATR 42 In Flight Fire

On 29 March 2006 at about 1 mile from touchdown when in VMC on a night approach to destination Geneva, an ATR 42-300 freighter experienced a sudden electrical fire in the flight deck and an emergency was declared to ATC. Despite this situation the aircraft was able to land normally and vacate the runway via…… Continue Reading →

ATR 42 Stall & Crash

On 27 January 2009, an ATR 42-300 on a scheduled cargo flight from Fort Worth Alliance (USA) to Lubbock (USA) was making a night ILS approach in IMC to runway 17R at destination when it stalled and crashed short of the runway. The aircraft caught fire and was in any case effectively already destroyed by…… Continue Reading →

ATR 42 CFIT During Approach

The pilot's decision to take-off in known adverse weather conditions and failure to execute the proper windshear recovery procedure resulted in operating the aircraft outside the safe flight regime, causing the aircraft to stall very close to the ground from which recovery was not possible…. Continue Reading →