Saab 340 Tailstrike On Landing

Analysis of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) showed that the aircraft touched down at Vref -20 kt, at a higher than normal pitch attitude with the elevator in a position that was commanding further nose up pitch


On 10 January 2000, at 16:54:10 UTC, in darkness, on runway 28 of Zurich airport (Switzerland), the Saab 340B aircraft began its scheduled flight to Dresden (Germany). Two minutes and 17 seconds later, after a right-hand spiral dive, the aircraft crashed on an open field near Au, Nassenwil ZH. The ten occupants (three crew members and seven passengers) were fatally injured by the impact. The aircraft was destroyed. A fire broke out and there was damage to farmland.

SAAB 340 Stall During Non Precision Approach

Icing conditions, too low speed are the contributing factors of a SAAB 340 stall.