Piper PA31 Loss of Engine Power and Ditching

The left engine failed and the right engine malfunctioned when a Piper Chieftain was being flown over a gulf in Australia. The airplane did not have — and was not required to have — life vests aboard for the scheduled flight. None of the eight occupants survived the ditching.

Piper PA31 CFIT After Pilots Inadequate Altitude Monitoring

The pilot hand-flew an unstabilized approach below the glideslope and continued the descent until the Piper Chieftain struck terrain. New Zealand investigators cited high workload and possible distraction by a cellular telephone call as factors in the controlled flight into terrain.

Piper PA31 CFIT After Descent Below Minimum Altitude

After descending below the published minimum descent altitude for the nondirectional beacon (NDB) approach, the commander began a missed approach as the aircraft struck trees. A three-foot section of the right wing was torn away; the crew diverted the aircraft to another airport, where they landed safely.