Fairchild III Crash After Engine Failure

Engine failure badly managed on final. The aircraft was destroyed as a result of crashing into the ground and subsequant fire.

Fairchild Metro III Loss Of Directional Control And Runway Excursion

During the landing roll, the aircraft went off the left side of the runway into deep snow. The aircraft was not damaged, except for two blown tires on the left main landing gear.

Fairchild Metro III Landing Gear Collapse and Runway Excursion

On touchdown during a crosswind landing, the left wing dropped and the propeller made contact with the runway. The aircraft veered to the left side of the runway, despite full rudder and aileron deflection. The crew applied maximum right braking and shut down both engines. The aircraft departed the runway and travelled approximately 200 feet through the infield before the nose and right main gear were torn rearwards; the left gear collapsed into the wheel well. The aircraft slid on its belly before coming to rest approximately 300 feet off the side of the runway.

Fairchild Metro II Controlled Flight Into Terrain

The aircraft struck terrain north of the airport while the crew was in controlled flight, executing a missed approach following a rejected visual approach to Runway 01 in night VFR conditions.