BAE Avro RJ100 Tailpipe Fire On Start up

Prior to starting the second engine on an aircraft with an unserviceable Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), the engine rpm was not increased on the operating engine, as required. Once the start was initiated, the increased load on the operating generator resulted in the operating engine going into a sub-idle condition. The engine was then over-fuelled and the result was a jet-pipe fire, which was reported to the flight crew by a ground handler...

BAE Avro RJ100 Engine Failure During Descent

During the descent into Edinburgh, smoke began to fill the flight deck. The No. 2 engine was identified as defective and was shut down.

BAE Avro RJ100 Hypoxia

On 22 March 2007 when limbing out of Stockholm (Sweden), the crew of an Avro RJ100 failed to notice that the aircraft was not pressurized until cabin crew advised them of automatic cabin oxygen mask deployment.