The SOCATA TBM (now Daher TBM) is a family of high-performance single-engine turboprop business and utility light aircraft capable of seating a maximum of six people and manufactured by Daher. It was originally collaboratively developed between the American Mooney Airplane Company and French light aircraft manufacturer SOCATA.

Upon its entry onto the market in 1990, it was the first high-performance single-engine passenger/cargo aircraft to enter production. Shortly after launch, the TBM 700 was a market success, which led to the production of multiple variants and improved models, often incorporating more powerful engines and new avionics. The TBM 850 is an improved version of the aircraft powered by a single Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66D. In March 2014, an aerodynamically refined version, marketed as the TBM 900, was made available. A total of 345 TBM 700s were built between 1990 and 2005.


TBM 700 Vacuum System and Instruments
TBM 700 Radio Master and Ground Communication
TBM 700 Power Plant
TBM 700 Miscellaneous Equipment
TBM 700 Landing Gear
TBM 700 Ice Protection Equipment
TBM 700 General
TBM 700 Fuel System
TBM 700 Flight Controls
TBM 700 Emergency Oxygen System
TBM 700 Electrical System
TBM 700 Airframe
TBM 700 Air Data System and Instruments
TBM 700 Air Cond and Press
TBM 700 Accomodations

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