The Fokker 100 is a twinjet regional aircraft that was produced by Fokker in the Netherlands. The aircraft is capable of carrying just over 120 passengers in a single-class configuration to an average range of 1,500 nm (2,780 km).

The Fokker 100 was based on the Fokker F28 with a fuselage stretched by 5.7 m (18.8 ft) to seat up to 109 passengers, up from 85. It is powered by two newer Rolls-Royce Tay turbofans, and it has an updated glass cockpit and a wider wing and tail for increased maximum weights.

Fokker had financial troubles and went bankrupt in March 1996, and production ended in 1998 after 283 deliveries.


Power Plant
Landing Gear
Ice & Rain
Hydraulic System
Fokker 100 Automatic Flight Control and Augmentation System AFCAS
Flight Warning Systems
Flight Navigation Data Systems
Flight Management Systems
Flight Controls
Fire Protection
Emergency Equipment
Electrical System
Bleed Air System
Aircraft General
Air Cond & Press

    Flight Patterns

    Visual Circuit
    Takeoff (Nav Armed & Captured)
    Takeoff (Nav & Prof Armed & Captured)
    Non Precision Approach
    NAP Takeoff
    Engine Failure After V1 (NAV & PROF)
    Engine Failure After V1 (NAV)
    CAT II & III Landing

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