The Bombardier CRJ700, CRJ900, and CRJ1000 are a family of regional jet airliners that were designed and manufactured by Canadian transportation conglomerate Bombardier (formerly Canadair) between 1999 and 2020. Their design was derived from the smaller CRJ100 and 200, the other members of the Bombardier CRJ aircraft family. 

The CRJ700 is a stretched derivative of the CRJ200. The CRJ700 features a new wing with leading-edge slats and a stretched and slightly widened fuselage, with a lowered floor. Its first flight took place in 1999. The CRJ700 first entered commercial in 2001.

With a seating range from 63 to 78, the CRJ700 was built in three variants (standard, ER, and LR) with different fuel/weight options. The executive version is marketed as the Challenger 870. The CRJ700 directly competes with the Embraer 170, which typically seats 70 passengers.

The CRJ900 Regional Jet Series 900 is a stretched 76- to 90-seat version of the CRJ700. The CRJ-1000 accomodates up to 104 seats but it also has a different type-rating.


CRJ 00 and 00 Water and Waste
CRJ 00 and 00 Power Plant
CRJ 00 and 00 Pneumatic
CRJ 00 and 00 Navigation System
CRJ 00 and 00 Lighting
CRJ 00 and 00 Landing Gear
CRJ 00 and 00 Ice and Rain Protection
CRJ 00 and 00 Hydraulic Power
CRJ 00 and 00 Fuel System
CRJ 00 and 00 Flight Instruments
CRJ 00 and 00 Flight Controls
CRJ 00 and 00 Fire Protection
CRJ 00 and 00 Environmental Control System
CRJ 00 and 00 Emergency Equipment
CRJ 00 and 00 Electrical
CRJ 00 and 00 Doors
CRJ 00 and 00 Communications
CRJ 00 and 00 Automatic Flight Control System
CRJ 00 and 00 Aural Visual Indicating and Recording
CRJ 00 and 00 Airplane General
CRJ 00 and 00 APU

    Flight Patterns

    Visual Approach
    Touch and Go
    Normal Takeoff
    Non Precision App 1 ENG
    Non Precision App
    ILS Precision App 1 ENG
    ILS App
    Go Around
    Go Around 1 ENG
    Engine Failure On Takeoff
    Circling Approach

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