Airbus A340

The Airbus A340 is a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger jet which typically seats up to 375 passengers in the standard variants and 440 in the stretched -600 series. Depending on the model, it has a range of between 6,700 to 9,000 nm (12,400 to 16,670 km).

The shortest A340-200 measured 59.4 m (195 ft), and offers a 6,700 nm (12,400 km) range with 250 seats in 3-class. The most common A340-300 reached 63.7 m (209 ft) to accommodate an average of 290 passengers to could cover around 7,300 nm (13,500 km). The A340-500 was 67.9 m (223 ft) long to seat an average of 310 passengers over 9,000 nm (16,670 km). The longest model is the A340-600 that was stretched to 75.4 m (247 ft), then the longest airliner, to accommodate up to 475 passengers over 7,800 nm (14,450 km) at a MTOW of 365t (804,700 lb). The A340-600 is 12 m (39 ft 4.4 in) longer than a −300, more than 4 m (13 ft 1.5 in) longer than the Boeing 747-400 and 2.3 m (7 ft 6.6 in) longer than the A380.

The A340 production ceased in 2011.


FCOM A340 Power Plant
FCOM A340 Water and Waste
FCOM A340 Pneumatic
FCOM A340 Oxygen
FCOM A340 Navigation
FCOM A340 Maintenance System
FCOM A340 Lights
FCOM A340 Landing Gear
FCOM A340 Information System
FCOM A340 Indicating and Recording Systems
FCOM A340 Hydraulic
FCOM A340 Ice and rain Protection
FCOM A340 Fuel
FCOM A340 Flight Controls
FCOM A340 Fire Protection
FCOM A340 Equipment
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FCOM A340 Doors
FCOM A340 Communications
FCOM A340 Auto Flight
FCOM A340 Aircraft General
FCOM A340 Air Cond Press Vent

    Flight Patterns

    Airbus A340 VMC Landing Following Engine Failure On Takeoff
    Airbus A340 Two Engine Inoperative Landing
    Airbus A340 Normal Takeoff Pattern
    Airbus A340 ILS Approach Landing
    Airbus A340 Engine Failure After Takeoff

      Instructor’s Corner

      New VAPP procedures
      Managing Profile Descent
      Airbus Descent Monitoring
      Airbus Speed Tape On Descent and Arrival
      A330 A340 Take Off Setting Thrust
      A330 A340 Overhead Pushbuttons
      A340 Unreliable Speed Indication
      A340 Takeoff
      A340 Smoke
      A340 Slats Fault In Approach
      A340 RNAV GPS Approach
      A340 NPA Approach (selected)
      A340 NPA Approach (managed)
      A340 IR Discrepancy
      A340 ILS Approach
      A340 Ground Speed Mini Function
      A340 Go Around
      A340 Fuel Imbalance
      A340 FMGC Failure
      A340 Engine Start Failure (CFM)
      A340 Engine Out After takeoff (no damage)
      A340 Engine Out After takeoff
      A340 Engine Failure (no damage)
      A340 Engine Failure (damage)
      A340 EMERGENCY Descent
      A340 EIS Failure
      A340 ECAM Philosophy
      A340 Dynamic Charts
      A340 Dual RA
      A340 Dual HYD Fault
      A340 Dual ADR Fault
      A340 Descent
      A340 Cruise
      A340 Before and After Engine Start
      A340 After Landing