Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is a wide-body aircraft developed and produced by Airbus. The A330-300, the first variant, entered service in 1994 while the slightly shorter A330-200 variant followed in 1998.

The A330 shares many underpinnings with the airframe of the early A340 variants, most notably the same fuselage and wing components, and by extension the same structure. Both airliners have fly-by-wire controls as well as a similar glass cockpit to increase the commonality. The A330 was Airbus’s first airliner to offer a choice of three engines: the General Electric CF6, Pratt & Whitney PW4000, or the Rolls-Royce Trent 700. The A330-300 has a range of 6,340 nm (11,750 km) with 277 passengers, while the shorter A330-200 can cover 7,260 nm (13,450 km) with 247 passengers. Other variants include the A330-200F dedicated freighter, the A330 MRTT military tanker, and the ACJ330 corporate jet.

Since 2018, the re-engined A330neo (new engine option) comprising A330-800/900, which entered service with the exclusive, more efficient Trent 7000 turbofan and improvements including sharklets, Earlier A330s (-200/200F/300) are now called A330ceo (current engine option).


A330 Power Plant
A330 Water and Waste
A330 Pneumatic
A330 Oxygen
A330 Navigation
A330 Maintenance System
A330 Lights
A330 Landing Gear
A330 Information System
A330 Indicating Recording Systems
A330 Hydraulic
A330 Ice and Rain Protection
A330 Fuel
A330 Flight Controls
A330 Fire protection
A330 Equipment
A330 Electrical
A330 Doors
A330 Communications
A330 Auto Flight
A330 Aircraft General
A330 Aircond Press Vent
A330 APU

    Flight Patterns

    A330 Visual Approach
    A330 Normal Takeoff
    A330 ILS Approach Landing
    A330 – Circling Approach

      Instructor’s Corner

      New VAPP procedures
      Managing Profile Descent
      Airbus Descent Monitoring
      Airbus Speed Tape On Descent and Arrival
      Rejected Takeoff Notes
      Fuel Leak
      Engine Failure In Cruise
      Flight Laws
      Engine Failure On Takeoff
      A330 Unreliable Speed Indication
      A330 Taxi and Before Ckeck List
      A330 Smoke
      A330 Takeoff
      A330 Slats Fault In Approach
      A330 RNAV GPS Approach
      A330 NPA Approach (selected)
      A330 NPA Approach (managed)
      A330 IR Discrepancy
      A330 ILS Approach
      A330 Ground Speed Mini Function
      A330 Go Around
      A330 Fuel Imbalance
      A330 Flaps Locked After Takeoff
      A330 FMGC Failure
      A330 Engine Start Failure (RR)
      A330 Engine Start Failure (PW)
      A330 Engine Start Failure (GE)
      A330 Engine Out After takeoff (no damage)
      A330 Engine Out After takeoff (damage)
      A330 Engine Failure (no damage)
      A330 Engine Failure (damage)
      A330 EMERGENCY Descent
      A330 ECAM Philosophy
      A330 EIS Failure
      A330 Dynamic Charts
      A330 Dual RA
      A330 Dual HYD Fault
      A330 Dual ADR Fault
      A330 Descent
      A330 Cruise
      A330 Climb
      A330 Before and After Engine Start
      A330 After Landing
      A330 A340 Take Off Setting Thrust
      A330 A340 Overhead Pushbuttons