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Boeing B737 High Speed On Landing Caused Runway Overrun

The crew of a B737-400 intended to make an ILS approach followed by a visual approach. Approximately 10 miles from the runway the airspeed was 283 knots. The PIC descended the aircraft steeply in an attempt to reach the runway, but in doing so, the airspeed increased excessively. Because the aircraft was being flown at speeds that were in excess of the wing flaps operation speed, the copilot elected not to extend the flaps as instructed by the PIC. During the approach, the GPWS alerts and warnings sounded 15 times and the copilot called for the PIC to go around. The PIC continued the approach with flaps 5, and the aircraft attained the glideslope near the runway 09 threshold. Flaps 5 degrees is not a landing flap setting. The aircraft crossed the threshold at an airspeed of 232 knots, 98 knots faster than the required landing speed for flaps 40 degrees. The wind was north easterly at 9 knots. The groundspeed was 235 knots. The aircraft touched down at an airspeed of 221 knots, 87 knots faster than landing speed for 40 degrees flap. Shortly after touching down, the copilot called, with high intonation, for the PIC to go around. The aircraft overran the departure end of the runway at 110 knots. The aircraft crossed a road, and impacted an embankment before stopping in a rice paddy field. The aircraft was destroyed by the impact forces and an intense, fuel-fed, post-impact fire. There were 119 survivors. One flight attendant and 20 passengers were fatally injured.

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