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Boeing B737 CFIT During Visual Approach

On April 5, 1999, a Boeing B737-200 Adv, departed from Jakarta (Indonesia) for a multisector operation. On its third sector, the cockpit crew planned an approach on Runway 31. At 2500 ft altitude, the airfield was not in sight due to the cloud formation and local rain over the airport. The PF requested to land on Runway 13, and the aircraft was cleared to join right-hand down wind to Runway 13. After the localizer was established and while flying at 1500 ft altitude with the autopilot engaged, the runway was still not in sight by the crew. At 800 ft, the runway was in sight, and the PF then disengaged the autopilot at 500 ft. It was raining over the airport, and during flareout the PF felt that the aircraft did not touch the runway surface. The aircraft was reported veering to the right, and the PF failed to bring the aircraft to the R/W centerline. The aircraft came to a standstill at a position of about 15 m to the right of the centerline of Runway 13, and at a distance of 186 m from the end of the opposite runway.

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