Embraer 120 Inflight Icing

An EMB-120RT crashed during a rapid descent after an uncommanded roll excursion near Monroe, Michigan (USA). Safety issues in the report focused on procedures for the use of ice protection systems, airspeed and flap configuration information, stall warning/protection system capabilities, operation of the autopilot in icing conditions, aircraft icing certification requirements, and icing-related research…. Continue Reading →

Embraer 120 Inflight Loss of Propeller Blade

This report explains the accident involving an EMB-120RT airplane, which experienced the loss of a propeller blade and crashed during an emergency landing near Carrollton, Georgia (USA), on August 21, 1995. Safety issues in the report focused on manufacturer engineering practices, propeller blade maintenance repair, propeller testing and inspection procedures, the relaying of emergency information…… Continue Reading →

Embraer 190 Loss of Control in Flight

An Embraer ERJ-190 operating flight from Maputo (Mozambique) to Luanda, (Angola), crashed in the Bwabwata National Park (Namibia). The airplane was destroyed and all 27 passengers and six crew members were killed. The airplane proceeded over Botswana at FL380 and minutes before the crash the co-pilot left the cockpit for the lavatory. The captain then…… Continue Reading →