A fully revised and updated application!

We have completely revised / updated our application and it is now available for both iOS and Android users.

The Smartcockpit "QUIZ" application remains a unique a tool for those pilots embarking on a type-rating as well as those needing to brush-up their knowledge for recurrent training.
- The Smartcockpit application allows an unlimited access to thousands of aircraft multiple choice questionnaires that are regularly updated.
- Only one price for the full package.
- User friendly and ultra simple
- Offline availability: you can test your knowledge whenever and wherever you are without requiring an internet connection!
- NEW ! Your Smartcockpit aviation library is also available directly in your device. Just select what you want to keep for further reading and it’s done!
- NEW ! Choose the number of questions and topics that you want to practice
- NEW ! Analyze and track your own performance with a time marker
- NEW ! Error reporting process is available
- NEW ! Include your own Multiple Choice Questions and share it with your friends

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