• Airbus A319 Toxic Fumes

  • On 19 December 2010 the Airbus A319 coming from Vienna, Austria, was on approach to Köln/Bonn Airport, Germany. Turning on to the base leg the two pilots noticed an abnormal smell. A short time later during intercept of the extended centre line, both pilots noticed an adverse effect on their physical and cognitive performance. They donned their oxygen masks and declared emergency. The PIC remained able to steer the airplane. The co-pilot felt he could no longer perform his tasks in the cockpit without restrictions. After the landing and having reached the parking position, both pilots sought medical treatment. Whereas the PIC could resume his duties after four days, the co-pilot remained unfit to fly until 10 July 2011. The technical inspection of the aircraft did not reveal any indication of a technical malfunction.
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