• Boeing B737 Tailstrike On Takeoff

  • A Boeing 737-800 departed from Rotterdam Airport (Netherlands). The flight was scheduled for a three leg flight via Maastricht-Aachen Airport (Netherlands) and Arrecife (Spain), Lanzarote Airport (Spain) to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands). Immediately after initiation of the take -off, when the aircraft started to roll, the aircraft’s nose pitched up. This movement stopped when the aft fuselage and the tailskid assembly touched the ground. After the cockpit crew rejected the take -off, the aircraft’s nose touched the ground again and the aircraft was brought to a hold. The occurrence damaged the aircraft considerably. As a result, the crew could not resume the flight. None of the 113 passengers and seven crew members was injured. After the occurrence, the aircraft was taxied to the apron. At this location the passengers left the aircraft.
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