• Airbus A320 Near CFIT

  • On a flight from Alexandria, Egypt to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, the crew carried out two approaches using the Addis Abeba VOR and associated DME. On the second approach the aircraft crossed over a ridge of high ground in IMC and came within 56 ft of terrain at a location 5 nm to the northeast of the airport. As the aircraft crossed the ridge the crew, alerted a few seconds earlier by a radio altimeter height callout, carried out a go-around; at the same time the EGPWS generated a ‘TOO LOW TERRAIN’ aural alert. The investigation determined that the antenna of the ADS VOR had suffered water ingress and was not functioning correctly. The correct maintenance procedures for the ADS VOR/DME and its associated monitoring equipment were not followed. The aircraft received erroneous information from the ADS VOR which was fed to the flight deck VOR display, the FMS, the navigation displays and the EGPWS computer with its associated Terrain Awareness Display (TAD).
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